BOLT Lifesaver Technical Introduction

Lifesaver description 1

Developed and build from 2010 to 2012, BOLT Lifesaver (from the Lifering shape of the hull) is the latest and largest embodiment of the Fred. Olsen BOLT class of point absorber wave energy converters.

BOLT Lifesaver was developed by the Fred. Olsen team of engineers and detail designed and manufactured by UK engineering company Supacat Ltd. Completion was done at A&P Falmouth March 2012. Following her two years of deployment at FabTest off the coast of Falmouth UK, she was refurbished, modified and shipped in her individual modules to Hawaii, where she was reassembled and installed at the US Navy wave energy test site in March 2016.

System Parameters
Nominal sea state Hs 2,75m, Ts 6,5s
Avg. power output in nominal sea state 30kW (3 PTOs, current config) 50kW (5 PTOs)
Total dry weight 56 metric tones
Bill of material $1.6M
Accumulated energy produced to date (July 2016)  15.0MWh
Hull dimensions (outer dia. x inner dia. x height)  16m x 10m x 1m

Assembled of five hull sections, she can accommodate a total of five power take-off units, outputing a total of 50kW at the nominal wave state. However, only three PTOs have been built.BOLT LIFESAVER - AS BUILT APRIL 2016 (A4 600 - 2)BOLT LIFESAVER - AS BUILT APRIL 2016 (A4 600 - 2)