Belford Dolphin


Name Belford Dolphin
Flag Singapore
Owner Dolphin Drilling Pte. Ltd
Manager Dolphin Drilling Ltd.
Year Built 2000
Builder Samsung Heavy Industries, Kyungnam, South-Korea
Design Hitec ASA/LMG Marin Sea Prince, Self-Propelled, DP Class 3
Classification DNV 1A1, Drilling Vessel, HELDK-SH, EO, DYNPOS AUTRO, ICS, LCS, (DIS), F-M, Oil Storage Vessel (N), Drill (N), CRANE


Water Depth 10,000 ft (3048 m)
Maximum Drilling Depth 39,370 ft (12,000 m)
Transit Speed 10 knots approx.
Survival Conditions 100 year sea state North Atlantic
Drilling Conditions Maximum heave 3-5 m (amplitude) dependant on heave period
Length 672 ft (205 m)
Breadth 131 ft (40 m) moulded
Depth 64 ft (19,5 m) moulded
Variable Deck Load 12,500 tons
Liquid Mud 15,050 bbls
Bulk Mud/Cement 780 m3 barite/bentonite, 520 m3 cement


Derrick 193 x 50 x 43 ft, dual activity (off-line vertical make-up/break-out of tubulars) drilling Derrick, 1000 st main Hook load; 120 st secondary Hook load; 2 x Crown blocks [DP racked in quadruples & Casing in doubles
Drawworks Main Drawworks:6900 ho active heave compensated. Auxiliary Drawworks: 375 hp
Rotary Wirth RTSS 60 ½”
Topdrive DDM; 750-AC 2M, 750 st (upgraded to 1000 st)
Riser Tensioners Total 3.200.000 lb, 50 ft stroke
Motion Compensators Active heave compensated Drawworks Mud Pumps: 4 x NOV 14-P-220; 2200 hp, 7500 psi